What is BIM?

BIM is a process, not just 3D CAD!

There are many definitions of what BIM is and in many ways it depends on your point of view or what you seek to gain from the approach.  Sometimes it’s easier to say what BIM isn’t!

  • It’s not just 3D CAD
  • It’s not just a new technology application
  • It’s not next generation, it's here and now!

BIM is essentially value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them.

We have been explicit in asking for Level 2 BIM in the maturity ramp (as illustrated below); this is defined as “file based collaboration and library management.”    Level 2 BIM maturity can be achieved through a series of different process and tools.  Crudely defined, Level 2 BIM is a series of domain specific models (e.g. architectural, structural, services etc) with the provision of a single environment to store shared data and information in our case COBie UK 2012

Why BIM?

With the governments requirement to have public sector work to a Level 2 standard by 2016 many companies are pushing the use of Revit and other BIM software.The knowledge and expertise in the use of this software and ‘way of working’ is a new experience and can be expensive moving forward. At MCG-CAD we can work to the budget and agree upfront fixed costs to assist through the project until completion.